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Physical Therapy

At Healing Hands Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on the individualization of our care by tailoring our treatment plan to the unique needs of each patient. Our goal is to treat the whole body by releasing restrictions, realigning the body, and re-educating the musculoskeletal system to reach the patient’s optimal functioning and prevent re-injury. We believe you deserve our full attention during your appointment, which is why our sessions are longer than the average physical therapy session and the entire session is devoted to one-on-one care. We feel it is important to stop and listen to the body, and we take the time to listen to you.

We do a thorough evaluation of every patient to seek out the primary cause of dysfunction and pain. We look at the body from a holistic perspective in order to identify the link between the symptoms and the cause. Often the cause of the pain is not isolated in the area where symptoms arise; therefore, the area of primary dysfunction must be identified in order for you to reach your maximum healing potential.

Our hands are magnificent tools capable of identifying and treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions, which is why our philosophy is based on first using manual therapy to treat the patient. Manual Therapy includes hand-on techniques such as joint mobilization, myofascial release, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, among others. In addition to treating common issues, such a post-surgery rehabilitation or sports- or work-related injuries, we also specialize in treating Pelvic Floor dysfunction and TMJ. Our therapists are highly trained, passionate about their areas of expertise, and dedicated to continuing their education to improve their skills even further and stay up-to-date on the latest clinical approaches. We also have a massage therapist on site who is highly- trained in medical massage, who can work in conjunction with your physical therapist.

In order for the body to be able to integrate the changes that have occurred in manual therapy, you need to learn how to use the muscles in a new way. We are dedicated to providing specific therapeutic exercise programs which are customized to each patient’s specific problem. We believe it is important to educate patients in proper body mechanics to prevent re-injury and to improve their functional ability. This empowers our patients to be in charge of their body and move from a place of injury and pain to a state of health and well-being.

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