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We love our patients and are always glad when we’ve helped them on their healing journey. The following are recent testimonials from our patients who have shared their insights about our staff and our therapeutic approach.

Amira and her staff are one of Ann Arbor's gems. I was in chronic pain from a past injury that I had reinjured with a fall. Amira correctly diagnosed my injury and prescribed a path of healing including PT, massage and yoga. I had seen other PT providers for THREE different courses of treatment and they never addressed my pain and discomfort so comprehensively. I have been out of PT for 2 months and am able to maintain my new health, increasing my range of motion and activity level. Healing Hands was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend them.

-Suze Harrison

Healing Hands has provided me with so much relief from my TMJ problems, and even discovered other neck issues that have been contributing to my pain! I have been to several dentists and physicians in the past, and this is the most relief I have had in years! Amira, Katie, Karissa, Melissa and the rest of the staff are all extremely caring and knowledgable. Amira is highly trained in this area, and puts so much care and effort into each session. Katie definitely complements Amira, and they both work so well together to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire treatment. I can now enjoy foods I wasn't able to eat before, and have been off of pain medications since I started therapy. Thank you Amira and the rest of your amazing staff for all of your hard work! I would definitely highly recommend them to anyone suffering from any pain!

- Nada Farhat

I have struggled with chronic pain for most of my life, from which there is little relief, from a combination of rotational-scoliosis, 3 x congenital cervical bone fusion and having T6+T7 fused from a car accident and the desiccation of most of my lumbar disks from the combination of all of the above. The ladies at Healing Hands have helped me tremendously in being able to strengthen my body and develop practical and personal methods to help me deal with pain as well as open up to me NEW ideas on therapy. Life is about quality as well as quantity, and after only a few months of help I can say with absolute certainty that my quality of life has greatly improved thanks to the combined expertise of my team of caring and enlightened therapists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish I had come here sooner.

-Patrick Blanche

The ladies at Healing Hands changed my life! I struggled with migraines and tension headaches for about 15 years with temporary relief in prescriptions. As a 31 year old, experiencing major headaches 3 to 4 days out of the week was debilitating, not to mention the awful effects the prescriptions must have started to have on my liver. Worn down and looking for alternatives, I found Healing Hands and started working with them in August of 2013. Amira, Katie and Fawn all had different collaborative approaches to my health and working together they have all changed my life. I am no longer dependent on Immitrex and my headaches have both decreased in intensity and frequency.

-Sarah H.

Amira and Katie are awesome! After very little success at a chain physical therapy facility, my Doctor suggested I drive a bit farther and try Healing Hands. It has been worth the time and travel. I am at pain level 0-2 now down from 6-8. I knew at the first visit they were different and their individual approach might be the key, and I am happy to say it was!

-Karen D.
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