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Therapeutic Exercise


At Healing Hands Physical Therapy we will help you to reach your functional goals with an individualized exercise program to work on your particular areas of weakness and restriction. During the Physical Therapy session when we apply manual therapy and correct musculoskeletal issues, we also might find imbalances and weakness in specific muscles. Exercise can help the patient to activate the muscles in order to support the release that was done by in manual therapy and can strengthen areas that are weak, stretch the areas that are tight and improve your overall functioning.

Based on your physical therapy assessment, we will identify specific areas of weakness and target the muscles that need to be activated or strengthened. To get the full benefit of an exercise program, it needs to be tailored to your specific weakness, restriction or pain. Generic exercise programs are not as beneficial as exercise that is customized to your specific issues. Our goal is for you to reach your maximum rehabilitation potential and be efficient with your exercise program.

Our therapists will take into account your previous level of activity and will design exercise plan specifically for you. We are aware of the challenges of daily living and we will not overwhelm you with too many exercises. We will start with a level of activity that is comfortable for you and build toward a program focused on improvement that can be maintained over time.

We work one on one with patients to make sure they are performing all exercises correctly. We continue to assess your progress throughout your treatment. As your body heals, your needs change, and our therapists will adjust your exercise program accordingly. We will empower you to move with ease.

In addition to our gym equipment, we are proud to offer Red Cord muscle activation for our patients.

Are you ready to begin your healing?