Patient Testimonials

  • R Desai, Happy Patient of Healing Hands Physical Therapy

    I could barely walk from severe back pain. Trying to get up or sit down was very painful. Amira, the owner, is a miracle worker. The entire staff is warm, friendly and very professional. Would highly recommend.

    R. Desai

  • Kalli S., Happy Patient of Healing Hands Physical Therapy

    Amira and her staff are amazing! I felt an improvement after my first visit. Highly recommended!

    Kalli S.

  • I have been going to Healing Hands PT for a few months now and every person there is simply wonderful. It is so peaceful and serene. The therapists know their stuff and have helped me so much. I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT.

    Chris B.

  • The best all around physical therapy I’ve ever received. They treat all the causes, not just the symptoms and have super therapists and office staff. I went in feeling pretty awful and they made an immediate positive impact and I’m feeling stronger and just fantastic now. Feeling so lucky to have been referred to them and I highly recommend them! Thanks Healing Hands!

    Laura M.

  • Before I came to Healing Hands, I had been to four other doctors and not one of them was able to reduce my pain. After I completed my comprehensive treatment plan with Amira and her highly skilled and compassionate team the pain in my abdomen was GONE! Healing Hands you solved the problem! Thank you so much.


  • I suffered from vulva and perineum pain for many years. My yoga teacher suggested I might benefit from pelvic therapy. A google search led me to Healing Hands, a different environment from the normal physiotherapy clinics. This is a safe place for women who have suffered sexual abuse to connect with kind, understanding, well-trained therapists eager to help and support the journey to physical/emotional/spiritual recovery. My therapy was complicated by the need for a hip replacement and my therapists at Healing Hands helped me with a post-operative return of strength, flexibility, and balance, always incorporating the need to achieve proper pelvic alignment. Once the hip therapy concluded, we were able to return to a focus on pelvic therapy. It’s never too late. Even 50 years after the traumatic event, Amira, Ashley, and Katie are lovingly supporting me in healing from the very long-term physical effects of trauma.

    Sharon D.

  • Healing Hands has provided me with so much relief from my TMJ problems, and even discovered other neck issues that have been contributing to my pain! I have been to several dentists and physicians in the past, and this is the most relief I have had in years! Amira, Katie, Karissa, Melissa and the rest of the staff are all extremely caring and knowledgeable. Amira is highly trained in this area, and puts so much care and effort into each session. Katie definitely complements Amira, and they both work so well together to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire treatment. I can now enjoy foods I wasn’t able to eat before, and have been off of pain medications since I started therapy. Thank you Amira and the rest of your amazing staff for all of your hard work! I would definitely highly recommend them to anyone suffering from any pain!

    Nada F.

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    At Healing Hands, I found relief for a painful shoulder injury that had been bothering me for a long time. They were thorough, they found the root cause of my pain and tailored the therapy sessions accordingly. Not only did my shoulder get better but I also got to understand my body better. I learned stretches and other tips that I now use daily to keep my shoulders strong and flexible. Scheduling was also flexible and it was very convenient for me because I could only go for therapy sessions during my lunch break.

    Nixon O.

  • I have struggled with chronic pain for most of my life, from which there is little relief, from a combination of rotational-scoliosis, 3 x congenital cervical bone fusion and having T6+T7 fused from a car accident and the desiccation of most of my lumbar disks from the combination of all of the above. The ladies at Healing Hands have helped me tremendously in being able to strengthen my body and develop practical and personal methods to help me deal with pain as well as open up to me NEW ideas on therapy. Life is about quality as well as quantity, and after only a few months of help I can say with absolute certainty that my quality of life has greatly improved thanks to the combined expertise of my team of caring and enlightened therapists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish I had come here sooner.

    Patrick B.

  • For over 10 years I have had episodes of chronic night pain in my left shoulder. The episodes of night pain over the last several years had become more frequent and lasted over longer and longer periods of time. I had on several occasions during this period tried physical therapy. The physical therapy was never of any help until I went to Healing Hands. In the past I would be forced to terminate the therapy because it increased my pain levels at night. After the first session with Amira, my shoulder was simply in a “better place.” Healing over the several weeks of therapy has made my shoulder more robust and I can now exercise the shoulder without getting any night pain. It’s given me my life back!

    Tom W.

  • Steven Silverberg, Happy Patient of Healing Hands Physical Therapy

    I injured myself during weight lifting and the pain and headaches were so intense I almost went to the ER thinking I had meningitis. My doctor recommended Healing Hands. I called and was immediately slotted into a therapy schedule.

    The entire staff is to be commended for the attention I received. My therapist, Barb, was knowledgeable and very much involved in my treatment as well as educating me regarding the correct way to do the workout routine I was used to.

    I am now, after my last visit, again working out with weights and running a couple of miles every day.

    I highly recommend Healing Hands…. a bright, very clean and welcoming atmosphere. Great people and got the results I hoped for!

    Stephen S.

  • Ram C. , Happy Patient of Healing Hands Physical Therapy

    When I was looking for a physical therapy place, I noticed that Healing Hands had a perfect 5.0 star review (from 34 reviews). After going there for the last several weeks, I understand why. This place is wonderful. I had and severe issue with muscle spasms and a pinched nerve that all but made me useless. The entire team at Healing Hands helped me get better.

    My primary therapist was/is Ashley. She has been fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Upon learning that I was an engineer, I felt that she went a long way in trying to speak “my language” to explain things rather than medical jargon. I always had a clear understanding of what we were doing, why we’re doing it and how it was helping. Additionally, I never felt rushed in any of my sessions.

    All in all, Amira, Ashley and the entire team at Healing Hands are awesome and I highly recommend Healing Hands.

    Ram C.

  • I am so thankful for the recommendation to try Healing Hands! After a few weeks of appointments, I now find myself recommending Healing Hands to others; it has been a God send!!! The staff is friendly, professional, courteous, and the physical therapists are very knowledgeable.

    For Amira, the owner, one gets the impression that this is not a job, but a vocation. Her passion for healing is evident through her very engaged communication with clients and the continuing education in which she, and her staff, partake.

    I was giving up hope of finding the source of my gastrointestinal/pelvic floor and migraine issues, but hope has been restored. I am learning so much about my body, while I journey on this road to improved functionality and recovery, with their help.

    I’ve been blessed by the PT administered by Amira and Katie. What a team! Together, through very different modalities of treatment, I am getting stronger and my body is healing. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your healing hands with me and others.

    Cathy G.

  • Kathleen King, Happy Patient of Healing Hands Physical Therapy

    Healing Hands Physical Therapy is an amazing collection of outstanding therapists. I went to the clinic with several physical issues. After assessing my condition, clinic lead Amira suggested specific therapists to treat me. Each therapist was uniquely qualified and together they prepared a treatment plan that addressed all of my issues. I am so very grateful to this group of talented therapists! And, I know that if I have problems in the future, this outstanding clinic will lead me back to strength, flexibility, and much less pain.

    Kathleen K.