R. Desai ~ Amira, the owner, is a miracle worker.
I could barely walk from severe back pain. Trying to get up or sit down was very painful. Amira, the owner, is a miracle worker.
Nada F. ~ I went from pain level of 6-8 to a level of 0-2!
Healing Hands has provided me with so much relief from my TMJ problems, and even discovered other neck issues that have been contributing to my pain
Ram C. ~ This place is wonderful.
I had and severe issue with muscle spasms and a pinched nerve that all but made me useless. The entire team at Healing Hands helped me get better.
Kathleen K. ~ I am so very grateful to this group of talented therapists!
I know that if I have problems in the future, this outstanding clinic will lead me back to strength, flexibility, and much less pain.