muscle energy technique on back

Muscle-Energy Technique

Muscle-Energy technique is an osteopathic therapeutic technique in which the therapist manually directs the patient to use their own muscle energy in a precisely controlled position while the therapists apply a counter force.

When there is a dysfunction in the body, the muscle around a joint can be in spasm, which holds the joint in an abnormal position and limits its normal range of motion.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a gentle manual therapy treatment for relaxing muscles and mobilizing joints. MET uses the patient’s muscle contractions to relax and lengthen muscles and to normalize joint motion.

MET is an excellent technique to treat stiff joints and excess muscle tension due to overuse or strain. When muscles are overly tight or hypertonic, they cause surrounding joints to become tight and restricted. MET can relax the muscle and release the joint without any discomfort.

In a MET treatment, the patient is placed in a position specific to her or his dysfunction and then applies a small and comfortable muscular contraction against the therapist’s resistance in a specific direction. For the treatment of shortened and tight muscles, the affected muscle is gently stretched to it longest pain-free range. The patient then performs a series of three to five brief, submaximal muscle contractions. This action encourages the muscle to naturally relax, resulting in both decreased pain and improved range of motion.

MET often is used as a technique to correct spine misalignment and to release joints restrictions in the spine. Improving the mobility of the spine affects the well being of the the whole body.

Typical outcomes of muscle energy technique include decreased stiffness, decreased pain, and increased range of motion. Once the joints are in a good alignment, the muscles are within normal tone; there is a decrease of pain. The patient is able to strengthen the weak muscles, to resume normal activities and to return to health and well-being. You can contact us to know more about physical therapy techniques. Our physical therapists serve in the location of Ann Arbor, MI.