Sharon D.

I suffered from vulva and perineum pain for many years. My yoga teacher suggested I might benefit from pelvic therapy. A google search led me to Healing Hands, a different environment from the normal physiotherapy clinics. This is a safe place for women who have suffered sexual abuse to connect with kind, understanding, well-trained therapists eager to help and support the journey to physical/emotional/spiritual recovery. My therapy was complicated by the need for a hip replacement and my therapists at Healing Hands helped me with a post-operative return of strength, flexibility, and balance, always incorporating the need to achieve proper pelvic alignment. Once the hip therapy concluded, we were able to return to a focus on pelvic therapy. It’s never too late. Even 50 years after the traumatic event, Amira, Ashley, and Katie are lovingly supporting me in healing from the very long-term physical effects of trauma.